Welcome to theScribe

Our primary goal is to create, carve, polish and deliver the greatest reality out of your expectations.

Who is theScribe?

We are creative artists, writers, poets, intelligent critics, photographers, and above all, we are cultural footage.

Among Other things, We do; Creative Essays and Narrations.

“It was her fault, right, but how could circumstance have been such a bitch? She had heard stories of mothers abandoning or neglecting their children, some even drowning them in fits of rage, but who makes a mother kill her own daughters and husband by setting them up on fire, even accidentally so?”

Robin Simba’s Bloody Handed.

You get to follow creative pieces and written series. Bloody Handed is but one of our magnificent pieces.

Epiphanic Opinions

“Each workout session has been different for me. I won’t be completely honest if I said that I enjoyed every day I worked out. Sometimes I really had to force myself out of bed at 6 AM because if I didn’t do it then, then I would not work out for a week or so. On most days, only the gesture mattered. I recall several occasions when I would easily argue myself out of running, but convince myself that a morning walk won’t hurt, and that would mark the beginning of a successful 7km run. Many times I would go out with the expectation that the workout would be as much fun as the last one, only to quit 30 minutes into the jog with a painful ankle, a tired unwilling body or just a distracted mind.”

Two Months of Totally Disgusting Amateur Yoga

Deep-fried Poetry

Hello, love.
I pray this finds you well,
for I’m stuck in a wishing well.
Both truth and a dare,
you’re the girl of my dreams.
Expecting sounds unfair,
but you’re the love of my life.
Wanting is one thing,
having takes tackling and taking
like a price to pay,
property to keep and get rich,
and most own lots and gloat.
But baby you’re not a ruby,
or a diamond or gold to pawn.
So I promise to give you more.
Yours, Forever Love.

The Poem, Love Letter.

Stories are like voyages, ideas like the dawn. I sit to write, in my mind, it is done. Poetry is the rhythm of life in words, and music is the perfect hook. By my hand I shall pass, this words on as light, torches of tomorrow- as passed down unto my hands.


I thought I was hard,

I am harder than I was, but apparently so is earth,
she wants to turn me into a diamond

Robin Simba.


We do all kinds of photography, including portraiture & pet photography, abstract photography, landscape photography, events coverage and video directing.

the idea of life is to live, to experience and to leave a mark


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